Polla del Duca company has been produced Tuscan wines since 1890, in the Moltalbano region. The origins of the company dates back to the 18th century, when my great grandfather got a settlement from the Count Amato-Cellesi after several years as butler of the Villa Medicea La Magia. He was born in Quarrata in a family of sharecroppers and thanks to this settlement he was able to buy the estate in Montemagno, where his family always worked andconverted it in his own company.
FWith the help of my grandfather Giulio, his son, he was able to continue to grow grapes and olives according to the Tuscany tradition of the place where he was borned and lived. However my father Giuseppe has created the farm as it appears now. Infact, even if he was a farmer only for a short time in his life, as a young man he was able to learn the traditional techniques that we pass from father to son for five generation by now.

When he came back from the Second World War as veteran, he extanded the farm buying some lands nearby the family estate and a more modern cellar for the Chianti production, equipped with a bigger vinsantaia (a cellar dedicated toVin Santo wine).
In this way Polla del Duca Estate was born: divided into 2 estates, dedicated to the production of high-quality wine and olive oil, in particular the excellent Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C. wine, the Chianti D.O.C.G. Wine, the Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive oil Toscano D.O.P..

Alberto Vasco Banci

Today the tradition and the passion continue with the new genaration of the family: Alberto Vasco, Cav. Giuseppes' son and his sons, Chiara and Lorenzo, all involved in the family business.

La famiglia Banci

The farm now has an area planted as vines of di 14 hectares, with an annual production of about 900 hectolitres and a capacity wine-cellar of 1500 hectolitres.