The Vin Santo D.O.C. “Polla del Duca Cav. Banci Giuseppe” is a superb dessert and meditation wine. A deep amber in color with an intense and sublime smeell. The wine, on the nose, shows notes of dried fruit, hazelnuts, chestnuts and honey along with citrus fruit. The palate is full with a return of the honeyed notes invigorated by a bracing and vibrant acidity.
The production of Vin Santo in Tuscany goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages and the wine is considered a true regional specialty. .

La famiglia Banci

The Banci family as well has always produced it since 1890, using an ancient traditional method. Embodying tradition and experience, the Vin Santo is considered one of the best sweet wines in the world.

It is made from a careful selection of grapes, mainly Trebbiano with a small percentage of Malvasia and San Colombano. The grapes are carefully selected and hand-picked into small packing cases, then spread out manually on to the reed mats in accordance with the traditional method. The grapes are dried for several months until the end of the month of December and, at the end of this process of natural drying, are softly pressed to maintain all of their structural and aromatic characteristics. The yield is very low, about ¼ of the original weight of the grapes.
The must is fermented and aged in wooden casks made of chestnut, oak, cherry and mulberry from 7 to 13gallons (30 to 50 liters) in capacity. The fermentation of the must is a long and gradual one and stopped on its own, leaving a certain residual sugar in the wines. The wine remaines in the barrels for approximately four years and is then assembled and bottled.
The Vin Santo production is a tradition that has become a passion of the Banci family, a very long process worth following to the letter…taste it!